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With the emergence of Mobile technology, a number of tools and technologies have evolved to contribute to the design & development of applications. No wonder, the effectual prominence of mobile apps has helped businesses grow exponentially and it also proffers a long-lasting presence of your business brand amid audience. Moreover,  providing the best mobile experience to your audience can actually help in improving the presence of your business by garnering a strong user base.

The HTML source of web pages put up by spammers often have the source code obfuscated in order to conceal the location of web sites and form destinations. The tools on this page can undo the obfuscation generated by some programs.

Six Revisions has compiled a list of 15 tools for monitoring a website's popularity. From estimating a blog's readership to counting the number of inbound links -- the list has a selection of different free online tools. Here are the first five:

Over at they have a big list of small things that take only five minutes each and make your site better. The advice covers different areas of expertise.

Entrepreneur and designer Ross Johnson has published a nice study of CSS typography on his personal blog. The article reviews ways of creating beautiful type designs using only the capabilities of style sheets, without any images. The CSS code for all examples is provided.

The creation of a mock-up is en essential part of the web design process. An initial, non-interactive visualization of your design will help you to improve on your ideas. Furthermore, mock-ups are an absolute must when working with clients or a larger team. Enter Yahoo's Design Stencil Kit, which makes the process easier by providing a number of ready-made user interface components, meant specifically for the rapid creation of mock-ups.


By MichelleOgeto ; July 5th, 2016

Converting data from one form to another or moving it from one system to another one is a very common activity in IT organizations. Actually it is extremely common in all businesses today. This is because there is no business that is not storing data from various departments it has. This is because data can reveal a whole lot of things concerning the business. There is information concerning the marketing strategies and the finances plus other details. The most important information sometimes is the customer data.

By Maggie Sawyer ; June 23rd, 2016

When we think of the best and most reliable eCommerce platform, Magento is the first name that comes to our mind. More than 13% people across the globe using Magento to build highly intuitive and dynamic online store.


It is considered to be the best eCommerce solution that comes with tons of powerful features that will help you set up a fully-functional web store at the drop of a hat. It offers some of the advanced e-commerce functions such as customer services, store management, improving sales, rewards, feedback, and a lot more.


By Jason Daszkewicz ; June 20th, 2016

By James Helliwell ; May 26th, 2016

If you have a business that is dependent on patronage from local resident then Local SEO is important for your business. Local SEO is a branch of SEO that is focused on helping people resident in the same location as your business to find you.

By Derek Iwasiuk ; March 31st, 2016

There is no way that you can do business without making use of social media nowadays. There are so many things that you can be doing on social media and you should be doing them for that matter. This is at all if you want to be successful in business in a 2015 and of course as 2016 comes up new things will come with it. The thing about social media nowadays is that the signals that come from it relating to your business are also considered when ranking the business on the search engines like Google.

By Ben Patrick ; March 24th, 2016

Everyday, a new entrant joins an industry and makes the competition stiffer to some extent. In this situation, it becomes hard to tap new customers. However, an ambitious businessman never surrenders and tries his level best to survive. The resources used for generating leads are becoming scare. Therefore, businesses have switched to online mediums for promoting their brands, which cost less than traditional promotional mediums. In addition, marketers have chosen social media platforms for conducting marketing activities to drive engagements.

By Mohit Patil ; March 18th, 2016

Another version of the markup language is out and all of you must be waiting for your ‘what’s’ and ‘how’s’ to be straight-lined. Since the day web started, many versions of HTML have been created and the most recent one is HTML 5. The web is growing at a speed faster than anyone has ever thought of.